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From Rich Hopkins’ blog "Speak & Deliver: A Public Speaking Blog for the Speaking Public"   "After reading Mike's book, I certainly feel more prepared than I did a month ago.  He offers up advice from his own experiences, sharing his victories and challenges in a conversational, sometimes humorous tone...Even if you're not going to China, it opens your mind to the fact that other places whether they are across international or state borders, have their differences and idiosyncrasies that we need to prepare for."   
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“I really enjoyed your book. It was both informative and humorous.  I've passed your book on to a Korean friend, who is doing his MBA online, with frequent lectures and seminars in Shanghai.”    (Jenny V.)

"Some pertinent advice, which can be used immediately. Your book shows two assets that you have:  the desire to get to know people, and the ability to communicate."
(Terry C.)
"It looks fabulous and is just the right size for carry-ons! Congrats! Here's hoping you'll start a series of similarly personable (and super-helpful) travel/business guides."  (Jo-Ann L.) 
“Your book was very easy to read and follow. Reading this book made me to look back on China again. Thanks for giving this chance to me.”  (Kim E.) 

“I felt you were sitting across the table talking to me.  It was very clear and easy to understand.”

(Prajit N.)

"It was fun to read and quite amusing.  I had never heard ANYTHING like that before!" (Carl S.)

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